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Handmade Yin-Yang Box

This is a wedding ring box of my own design inspired by the ancient Yin Yang symbol representing perfect harmonious balance between male and female, and it was handmade by me from start to finish.

Handmade Yin-Yang Box work In Progress

The main part of the box is made of solid oak.

The Yin wood was an off-cut piece of Ipé wood which is rock solid and almost impossible to cut or drill. It took a lot of very slow and patient cutting on my scroll saw to cut it out.

The Yang wood is pine and was much easier to work with, but I was not careful about placing the design on the wood the first time around and the grain of the wood was cutting across the very narrow tail end of the shape. It snapped off when I went to sand it. So I had to re-make the Yang piece this time I placed the shape over the wood so that the grain curves around the tail end of the piece (as circled above) making it nice and strong.