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Pyrography – Monochrome

These are examples of pyrography with no colour or on occasion with only a tiny hint of colour added to them.


Aslan pyrographyClick for more details on the Aslan the Lion box.


Sailing SceneThis pyrograph was inspired by the spalting (a striped pattern in the wood that comes from a fungus) in the birch wood. You will hopefully find it difficult to see where the spalting ends and the burn lines begin.


Sailing SceneThe frame is a beautifully handmade frame of New Zealand swamp wood (over 1,000 years old) made by Harry Wells



Snow Leopard



ninpo pyrography



Nymph Pyrograph (Wood Burning) Work In Progress by snazzie designz Original artwork by Josephine Wall in this case used for non-commercial use.



Nenagh Castle pyrography


Owl Pyrograph


Bones TV Series



Boxer Nenagh_Castle

Kanji Reiki


(Handmade pouch by Snazzie Designz, made from recycled materials.)



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