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If you’re already familiar with SnazziePrompts, you look at the interactive calendar here for the prompt of the day and get your Free Printable Downloads here.

You can find all of the SnazziePrompts for this year in the interactive calendar below, or you can download the printable version below.

What are SnazziePrompts?

SnazziePrompts are prompt words or themes to inspire and spark creativity.

What do you do with the prompts?

SnazziePrompts are primarily here to promote creativity in daily life through whatever creative outlet you want.

For example they can be used used to spark ideas and overcome (artist’s) mental blocks, so if you’re stuck in a rut on some project take a five minute break, do a SnazziePrompt doodle and get the creative juices flowing.

You would be amazed at how stimulating even a 10 second doodle is in prompting the brain to think outside the box.

For anyone familiar with Inktober, the idea for SnazziePrompts was inspired by the wonderful Inktober but these prompts are not limited to October, are not necessarily to be done every day unless you feel like it, and are more inclusive of any sort of creativity rather than just drawing.

What if I can’t draw?

Everybody can draw doodles. It’s not about how well you can draw. It’s about getting your brain to think creatively and outside of the box.

Also creativity comes in all sorts of forms so EVERYONE can take part even if you don’t like drawing.

For people who do like to draw, you can draw, calligraph or create in any media traditional or digital. For those of you who don’t like drawing, take a photo, write a poem, find a song, play/sing a song inspired by the prompt. For those who like to be creative in the kitchen, use the prompt to give you an idea for a new recipe. For crafters pyrograph, knit, crochet, sew or make whatever the prompt inspires you to do.

For me personally I want to use them to remind me to take breaks every now and then, and also to help me to improve my drawing skills. I have a tendency to avoid drawing things that I can’t draw so these prompts take me way outside of my comfort zone and challenge me. Sometimes I get annoyed that I can’t seem to draw simple things but it prompts me to go and learn how to draw them.

Some surprising side effects come from my doing the prompts every day. Another of my goals is to get up and stretch and exercise more and doing the prompts also prompts me to do these five minute exercise sessions too which is great.

How do I draw/photograph a zephyr?

The prompts are randomly chosen so some pretty odd ones come up such as “Zephyr” and you may be wondering how on earth am I supposed to draw/photograph/make anything with a zephyr in it? That is the purpose of the prompts to overcome left-brained literal thinking and get right-brained creative thinking.

You don’t have to be literal with the prompt. You might submit a photograph of somewhere where you experienced zephyr blowing on your face, you might make some extra light and fluffy cakes and call them zephyr cakes.

While some of the words such as “coerce” have both positive and negative aspects, overall these prompts are meant to be lighthearted so I would tend to go towards a cartoon donkey and carrot or something like that. If you want to draw something more serious then do so, but if you’re sharing it on #snazzieprompts please keep it family friendly.

SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz

What if I have a very busy schedule and don’t have time to be creative?

SnazziePrompts are designed with exactly that issue in mind.

On busy days you can do SnazziePrompts doodles in seconds

which is perfect for the printable 2.5cm daily boxes which you can do anytime you want. If you’re cooking, crafting taking a photo etc then you can spend two minutes on that craft and tick the box for the day.

On days where you have more time

you can do a more detailed drawing on a separate sheet, or go out for a walk and take a photo inspired by the theme etc. The possibilities are endless.

There is a new SnazziePrompt every day

You don’t have to do them every day. You can do one a week, or one a month, whenever you have artist’s block, or maybe do them every day for a week and then not again until next year. It’s all up to you.

Download your free printable SnazziePrompts here:

Please note that they are free for personal use only. They are not free for commercial use.

SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz
Recommended Year of Daily Prompts in 2.5cm square boxes.

Print the full years Daily Prompts in 2.5cm square boxes on 6 A4 pages.

Each month fits on an A5 page if you have an A5 journal they will fit in perfectly.
Weekly Prompts with 2.5cm square boxes.

Prints on one A4 page.
Full list of year’s prompts in list form.

Prints on one A4 page.

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Designing these printables takes a lot of work so if you would like to donate a few cents/dollars/euro that would be very much appreciated.

Links to images used in header image above, from Pexels and Startwoodworking.

SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz SnazziePrompts by Snazzie Designz

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