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This is a handmade Coptic bound notebook with an ancient map of Greenland and Frisland burned into the cover. I wanted to give it a distressed look as if it was a very old map that had been used over hundreds of years.

Handmade Greenland Coptic Bound Notebook by Snazzie Designz

The map is inspired by the ancient map of Greenland and Frislandia by Vincenzo Coronelli (1650 – 1717).

Interestingly the map contains the island o fFrisland which has been described by some as a “phantom island” since it is no longer there, and hasn’t been for thousands of years. Frisland appears on a number of maps from the 1600s -1700s even though the island had been fully submerged by that stage. It is thought that map makers such as Coronelli and Mercantor used older maps as references when adding in uncharted areas to their maps which then leads to the question who drew the earlier maps and how did they know that Frislandia was there?



More Coptic Bound Books…

This is a one off hand made Coptic bound book inspired by the wonderful haiku collection of Harry Wells (Aldwarke).

The front cover is bamboo with 5 different veneers, and pyrographed outlines. The back cover has the Kanji for “Haiku” 俳句 pyrographed onto a marquetry cover. I’m not sure what the central veneer is but it is pearlescent and glimmers in the light. On the inside pages there is a collection of Aldwarke’s haiku and short poems that I illustrated. I’ve done up an animation simulating the book opening so that you can see the pages illustrated.

Handmade Coptic Bound Haiku Book by Snazzie Designz


Handmade Coptic Bound Haiku Book by Snazzie Designz

Handmade Coptic Bound Haiku Book by snazzie Designz

Handmade Coptic Bound Haiku Book by Snazzie Designz

You can flip through the book here if you like, or to read this beautiful collection of haiku story in full and more of Harry’s wonderful writings please check out his blog “Aldwarke’s Anthology” here.

Handmade Coptic Bound Haiku Book by Snazzie Designz

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