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Handmade American Kestrel Bas Relief Carving

This is a handmade, pyrographed (wood burned) and hand carved American kestrel carved from limewood (basswood). It is bas-relief carving carved with hand chisels on the limewood which was cut to shape using a scroll saw. It has a flat back making it suitable to be mounted on a wall.

Handmade American Kestrel Pyrograph and Carving by snazzie-designz

Below you can see a work in progress picture of the kestrel, already cut out with the scroll saw and with the pyrography (wood burning) and carving started but not yet finished.

Handmade American Kestrel Pyrograph and Carving by snazzie-designz



Drogon Dragon Egg Box by Snazzie Designz

I made this dragon egg box myself out of clay. It was inspired by Drogon’s egg from the “Game of Thrones”. Unlike the TV replica which has scales which protrude which seems unlikely for an egg, I wanted to make mine more like the book description which is that it looked like red and black stone.

The stone that really inspired me is Eudialyte, a very rare crystal which apart from being spectacularly beautiful is exactly the colours I wanted for my egg. When I looked up further information about eudialyte it turns out that the rich cadmium colour in the stone is referred to by Russian dealers as “Dragon’s Blood” which seemed perfect for a dragon egg.

Also unlike the TV prop, this egg opens and the lid and base slot together so seamlessly that you can hold it by the lid and it will stick together.