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Dragon Egg Box by Snazzie Designz

These are experimental handmade dragon eggs which open and close so that you can keep stuff in them. When they are close the seam follows the scales so it is almost imperceptible unless you know its there.

Drogon Dragon Egg Box by Snazzie Designz

The first egg was inspired by Drogon’s egg from the “Game of Thrones”. Unlike the TV show replica which has scales which protrude which seems unlikely for an egg, I wanted to make mine more like the book description which is that it looked like red and black stone.

The stone that really inspired me is Eudialyte, a very rare crystal which apart from being spectacularly beautiful is exactly the colours I wanted for my egg. When I looked up further information about eudialyte it turns out that the rich cadmium colour in the stone is referred to by Russian dealers as “Dragon’s Blood” which seemed perfect for a dragon egg.

Also unlike the TV prop, this egg opens and the lid and base slot together so seamlessly that you can hold it by the lid and it will stick together.

With the second experimental egg I tried a different texturing technique which does look more like stone though not quite what I’m looking for. This one has the colouring of Viscerion’s egg which is cream with strips of gold and bronze through it.

On re-reading the Game of Thrones books the scales are described as being very small so I will be experimenting with different textures and scale sizes for the next one.

Dragon Egg Box by Snazzie Designz